Are you a job seeker that is stressed out, feeling defeated, or just plain overwhelmed? Don’t fret! Most job seekers feel this way. These emotions can be attributed to the urgent need for income, the lack of a strategic plan, and/or the candidate-driven market we currently face. Contrary to this, there is a rare breed among us who are actually happy job seekers! Check out the 6 characteristics below to turn your despondent career search into a positive, rewarding experience.


1. Create a plan by thinking backwards

Dr. Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, recommends we start our process at the end. To begin you must truly understand what your ultimate goal is, in this case it is most likely to secure a job within a specific time frame. Next, plan out the exact steps you need to get there. Map out how many positions you are going to apply to per week, where you are going to look for openings, who you are going to contact in your network, when you are free for interviews, etc. Writing down all of these activities may seem tedious, but having a tangible plan will help you to stick to your deadlines and achieve that job offer.


2. Refine and market the best version of yourself

Once you have created a job seeking timeline, it is time to polish your resume and hit the market. Be sure that you have a current, professional resume that is saved in both PDF and Word formats. It is helpful to have a second set of eyes proofread the resume for any typos or errors. When polishing a resume, it is essential to focus on the quantifiable results that you helped produce at former employers; make these accomplishments the focus of your resume.


3. Take the opportunity to expand horizons

When searching for open positions, be sure to search for related jobs that you may have glanced over in the past. If you have always been in a particular role in a particular industry, consider branching out by applying to jobs in similar industries or with slightly different titles. You may be surprised to learn how many new jobs you are qualified for. Also, consider utilizing sources you have not used in the past. This may include new job boards, creating a LinkedIn page, or using a recruiter.


4. Find balance between job search and life

As mentioned, job searching can be overwhelming and time consuming. Happy job seekers put in the necessary grunt work to help advance their careers, but they do not let the search become all consuming. Be kind to yourself and take a break when needed. Do not miss out on a family gathering or a dinner with old friends because you feel tied to your search.


5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Networking is a crucial aspect to finding a job. Asking for assistance can come in many forms: being a reference, asking if their companies or any companies they know are hiring, inquiring about any tips they may have for interviews, etc. Most people are excited to help out someone in their network. Taking the time to reach out to contacts may be the key you need to secure a job.


6. Remain positive, patient, persistent

When all is said and done, happy job seekers are usually happy because they have the right attitude. Despite all of the potential speedbumps and roadblocks, staying positive and sticking with the search until the end should result in you reaching your goal. There is no greater accomplishment that achieving what you set out to do despite the difficulties faced!


With these tips in mind, we hope that you are able to join the elite group of individuals who enjoy job searching. Happy hunting!