As the weather warms up, spring cleaning doesn’t need to be limited to your closet. The coming of Spring presents a great time to clean up your LinkedIn profile as well!

First and foremost, take the time to update your profile. Add any new experiences/positions, skills, or applicable interests, while deleting outdated and useless information. When adding new information, try to use keywords that will help to maximize your SEO. The goal of an updated profile, with keyword optimization, is to present a concise and clean version of yourself that will help you to stand out to those who are searching for individuals similar to you

More specifically, when updating your profile, quantify your accomplishments and avoid using generic, overused terminology. Accomplishments presented in numerical format are easier to spot when glancing over a profile, and they demonstrate the tangible results achieved with an employer; both of which are very appealing. Also, eliminate phrases such as “responsible for”, “motivated”, “driven”, “results-oriented”, “self-starter”, or “knowledge of Microsoft Office”. These terms are overused and do not mean much unless back with evidence and results!

Although Spring cleaning is synonymous with purging and reducing clutter, you can also take this time to strategically expand your LinkedIn presence. Start by seeking endorsements for your skills; this shows that your peers, superiors, and others in your network value and agree with your expertise within a given skill set. When adding new connections, begin by reaching out to individuals with whom you have second and third level connections. You may be surprised with who you find in your expanded network. It may helpful to ask for recommendations from your closest connections. This additional support on experience and education posts is sure to impress those who review your profile.

Finally, spruce up your LinkedIn profile by including a call to action in your summary section! This can come in many forms including “a link to a personal website, watching a video, or requesting a quote.” Encouraging the reader to take action makes you more memorable and increases the likelihood that they will engage with you on a deeper level.

Before we head into the warm summer months, take a few minutes to update and refresh your LinkedIn profile. Future readers will be impressed!