As society continues to advance, standard face-to-face activities are being replaced by various forms of technology. Take, for example, the hiring process. Most companies no longer accept paper applications. Instead, organizations now rely on advanced screening processes to weed out unqualified applicants. Preliminary interviews are done over the phone with subsequent interviews taking place over video conferencing applications, such as Skype. The use of video interviews streamlines the hiring authorities’ process and may be more convenient for the applicant; however, it takes away some of the human contact element of interviewing. There is an art and a science to mastering the Skype interview. Below are a few tips to help you.


1. Dress the part

You may have heard the phrase ‘dress well, test well’. This theory is based on the increased self-confidence and attitude individuals experience when dressing up, and everyone could use a little extra confidence during an interview! Joe Young, the CEO of a video interviewing technology company reminds us that, “although the camera is only capturing you from the chest up, it is imperative to dress professionally from head to toe.” Treating your physical appearance like you would a face-to-face interview will put you in the mindset of actually being in the presence of your interviewer. It should give you a self-esteem boost!


2. Video, sound and background check

It may seem obvious but do not forget to do a tech check prior to your interview. Be sure that the camera and sound work appropriately. The camera should be capturing you from the chest up, and the other party should be able to hear you clearly while speaking in a conversational tone. Make sure to choose a location with a plain background in an area that will not be interrupted for the duration of your interview.


3. Treat it like normal

Just because you are having a video interview, doesn’t mean the principals of a face-to-face interview can be overlooked. Be sure to prep yourself by conducting necessary research on the company/industry/hiring authority and come prepared with a few questions. In specific, make sure to maintain appropriate eye contact with the camera (not the screen!), arrive a few minutes early to your scheduled video call, and keep your cell phone and other distractions out of sight.


4. Practice tone, speed, and pitch

After conducting a tech check, it is recommended that you hold a practice interview with a friend. Be sure to adjust your pitch, speed, and tone accordingly. In a video setting, it may be difficult to convey these three items, so practicing ahead of time should prove beneficial!


Armed with these tips, there is no need to fear the tech-based trend of video interviewing. Best of luck!