Interim Solutions

Our clients are faced with a multitude of issues including:

Staffing shortages
Large projects
Facing additional costs in operations when CRITICAL positions remain unfilled
Needing candidates with a rich set of experiences that include turning around struggling departments
Require independent assessment
Do not want to rush a critical decision that can end up costing the hospital even more time and money in a “mis-hire”
Great resignation
Vaccine requirements resulting in staff loss
Seek to execute time consuming and complex projects that need to be cleaned up before hiring a permanent candidate

Healthcare organizations need talent that can execute critical tasks and drive revenue.

That is the difference between us and other firms.

Our 25+years in the marketplace give us unique insight into the candidates who just show up for a paycheck and those that deliver.

We Provide:

Talent onsite within two weeks in most cases
An extensive network of professionals
Transition plans
Elimination of risk of malpractice, workers’ compensation and taxes
Immediate customer service to resolve any issues
Dedicated account manager